About Us

Janbal Aboriginal Art Gallery

Janbal Gallery is a special place, surrounded and protected by Yiki People. Visitors from all over the world come here to paint, share dream time stories learn about Kuku Yalanji culture.

100% Aboriginal owned and operated, Janbal Gallery was established at Mossman in 2008 by local Aboriginal artist Brian “Binna” Swindley.

Sharing Art - Sharing Culture

Binna's Mother's Aboriginal Name was Janbal, meaning Quandong Fruit
Binna's Mother's Aboriginal Name was Janbal, meaning Quandong.

Every week we welcome visitors into our Gallery that is named in honour of Binna’s late mother, Shirley “Janbal” Swindley for a hands-on experience with Aboriginal art and culture at our private aboriginal art classes and painting workshops.

When you visit Janbal Gallery you can also browse and purchase Binna’s paintings, didgeridoos and artefacts and learn more about his mother, Janbal and the stories behind her most valuable works. Janbal prints painted by Shirley “Janbal” Swindley are on sale at the Gallery.

“Janbal” means Blue Quandon, a rare and vibrant blue skinned rainforest berry eaten by Cassowaries and found in Kuku Yalanji country around Mossman Gorge and the Daintree areas.

All of the art works for sale at Janbal Gallery are one off originals, hand painted by Binna here at Janbal Gallery.

Janbal Gallery sells a selection of local authentic Aboriginal art, artifacts and jewellery handmade by local Indigenous artists of Far North Queensland.

We invite you to visit Janbal Gallery and help us keep Kuku Yalanji culture alive and strong by sharing stories and exploring creative Aboriginal art forms at one of Binna’s art classes or painting workshops.

Brian “Binna” Swindley

Known to his friends as “Binna”, Brian Swindley is a renowned Aboriginal artist passionate about sharing his knowledge, Dreamtime stories and creative visual interpretations of Kuku Yalanji life with people who seek a deeper, more personal understanding of Australian Aboriginal culture.

Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal Artist

Born in Cooktown and raised in Mossman, Binna began painting at a very young age and has been an artist for over 30 years.

His work is inspired by Kuku Yalanji country; its animals, Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests. Binna’s contemporary style combines traditional Aboriginal techniques, concepts and stories that have been handed down within his family for generations with modern mixed media and textured finishes to create stunning original art works that have been sought after by private clients and collectors from all over the world.

Painting Stories

A friendly character with a great sense of humour and a big cheeky grin, Binna was born with a severe hearing disability which he has overcome by learning to speak and lip read extremely well.

Binna’s disability has never dampened his cheeky sense of humor, education, or ability to share his culture. Binna completed high school at Cairns State High School in 1988 and then studied at Cairns TAFE where he graduated with an Associate Diploma of Visual Art and Certificates in Business and Management in the early 1990′s.

Sharing Culture

Binna has taught art to students at Wangetti High School and Wujal Wujal School and worked as a Ranger for Queensland Parks and Wildlife at Mossman Gorge, a significant Kuku Yalanji cultural site for over 10 years.

Painting with people and educating them about Kuku Yalanji culture is Binna’s dream job and he takes great pride in being able to share his culture with you so it will stay strong for generations to come.

A True Inspiration

Binna’s determination, incredible artwork and patient positive attitude is described as an inspiration by almost everyone he meets.

In fact it was Binna who motivated his mother, acclaimed Aboriginal artist Shirley Swindley, better known by her Aboriginal name, “Janbal” to pick up a paintbrush and begin her artistic career before she passed away in 2002.

Today Binna works and paints full time at Janbal Gallery in his own 100% Aboriginal owned and operated art gallery, where he welcomes Australian and international visitors every day to share his culture and passion for art at private art classes and group painting workshops.