Binna Brian Swindley

About Binna

Brian “Binna” Swindley

Artist Name: Brian Swindley

Bama (Aboriginal) Name: Binna

Tribe/Language: Kubirri Warra, Ngamubaralba Tribe, Eastern Kuku Yalanji, Kuku Possum Tribe, Western Kuku Yalanji

Brian (Binna) Swindley is a renowned Aboriginal artist who is passionate about sharing his cultural knowledge, Dreamtime stories and creative visual interpretations of Kuku Yalanji life with people who seek a deeper, more personal understanding of Australian Aboriginal culture.

“Binna” (Kuku Yalanji language name for ‘Ear’) was born with a severe hearing disability which he has overcome over the years by learning to lip read extremely well, however this has never dampened his cheeky sense of humour, his education or his ability to share his culture.

Sharing Culture

Kuku Yalanji

Binna has taught art to students at Wangetti High School. He worked as a Ranger for Queensland Parks and Wildlife at Mossman Gorge, a significant Kuku Yalanji cultural site, for over 10 years where he gained a deep knowledge and experience on rainforest flora and fauna.

Painting with people and educating them about Kuku Yalanji culture is Binna’s dream job and he takes great pride in being able to share his culture with you so it will stay strong for generations to come.

Aboriginal Art Workshops

with Binna.

Binna invites you to come and visit, enjoy and share in an Aboriginal art experience you will never forget.

Mossman Art Workshops


Brian 'Binna' Swindley

Binna's artwork has featured in many exhibitions including:

  • Cairns Pacific Art Gallery: 1989, 1990, 1991
  • Tjapukai Indigenous Cultural Centre: 1991
  • National Gallery of Aust. Queensland Art Gallery 1989, 1990, 1991
  • Australia Landscape Gallery Brisbane 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory: 1998
  • Exhibition in Brisbane, Melbourne, Northern Territory: 1999
  • Naidoc Week: 1990, - 2007
  • America- Ebonart Collectors: 2000, 2004, 2005
  • Murals for Far North Queensland Businesses: 2004
  • Design sign for Wet Tropics National Park: 1997 - 2007
  • ABC National TV representing Indigenous Art Work
  • KuKu Yalanji Dreamtime Gallery – Mossman 1995 – 2005
  • Mossman Gorge Centre Exhibitions - 2021

B20 Ipad Cover Design

Artwork design by Brian 'Binna' Swindley

Binna was honoured to be commissioned by Tourism Australia for the use of his artwork 'Meeting Place', which was printed on the cover of an iPad tablet presented to G20 leaders attending the B20 event held in Sydney.

The B20 brings together business leaders from across the G20 to provide advice to G20 leaders.

Tourism Australia produced an iPad tablet containing tourism investment information for attendees which featured Binna's artwork on the cover providing a bespoke gift for important delegates.

A written piece was provided with the iPad including a small bio about Binna, his involvement with the Indigenous Champions program and also the meaning or story behind the artwork.

Binna’s original artwork was framed and is on display at Tourism Australia’s offices.

As Binna has a severe hearing impairment we ask that all communication is done via email or SMS.
Janbal Gallery Sharing Culture
Authentic Aboriginal artwork and art workshops in Kuku Yalanji country, Mossman QLD Australia.